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What's Four Thermal Transfer Printing Processes

2024-03-01 16:00 Penny
Four Thermal Transfer Printing Processes include DTF heat transfer sticker/offset heat transfer stickers/heat transfer vinyl and PU Eco-solvent printable vinyl

Today we will talk about the four major thermal transfer printing processes and see which one is more suitable for you.


The first process: white ink hot stamping process(DTF heat transfer stickers)

This white ink hot stamping uses ink to directly print patterns on the white ink film. It requires a DTF printer to print the pattern and uses a powder shaker to pass powder and dry it. The full name is automatically produced by a machine. Its biggest advantage is that there is no minimum order quantity. The starting fee is suitable for users with a large amount of money but a small amount;


The second process: is the offset stamping process(Offset heat transfer stickers)

This process requires large-scale equipment to generate, the process is very complicated, a certain quantity needs to be reached, and a printing fee must be paid, so this process is suitable for a large number of users;


The third process is the engraving film process(Heat transfer vinyl)

In this process, the engraving film is directly used to engrave the pattern on the laser machine or engraving machine. Unlike the previous two processes, this process requires manual waste removal and hollowing out, which requires a certain labor cost, and the engraving pattern is relatively simple and cannot be done. Produces printing with rich colors, suitable for small workshops, individuals, and users with clothing factories;


The fourth process is printing film heat transfer(PU Eco-solvent printable vinyl)

This process is similar to white ink heat transfer, except that the ink used is eco-solvent ink to print the pattern, a cutting plotter is used to cut the outline, and manual waste removal and lamination are required. However, the advantage is: that it can make colorful patterns.


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